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Business Center Luxembourg 

AllOfficecenters.lu provides you with a complete overview of all Business Centers in Luxwmbourg.

Pick the Business Center which suit your requirements and collect them in a favourites list by clicking on the “Request information & prices” button. You can choose as many objects as you like to make the comparison easier. The “Details” button gives more detailed information on the selected object.

Then fill in the contact details form (above “Favourites” in the top right corner) and you will shortly receive all the information on your chosen business centers.

100 % Free and without obligation

Object no.: 
8 sqm to 26 sqm
With its unique interior architecture, its private and shared spaces, complete with meeting rooms, lounges, and events, you enter a place made to fulfill your...
Reception business center Luxembourg
Object no.: 
11 sqm to 500 sqm
Concentrate on working and the center will do the rest. The business center offers furnished offices with internet access, telephone service, printer/scan/fax, kitchen...
Meeting room in business center Luxembourg
Object no.: 
15 sqm to 300 sqm
This Business Center established in Laccolith, a prestigious glass facade building suitable for a business environment together with a greenish surrounding, perfect for...
Object no.: 
15 sqm to 60 sqm
This small office building is in the center of town and has 3 floors where 8-10 units are available. Offices are with a minimum space of 12-15 sqm that can be rented out...
Meeting room in office center Luxemburg
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This centre enjoys a beautiful business lounge, modern and convenient, the ideal temporary work space for a business man on the move. For a cheaper office, we have a...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business centre occupies a 5-storey building of high-quality construction, with a smart access code entrance and an elevator. The offices are professionally...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
In addition to its prime location at the very heart of the Grand Duchy's capital city, this centre offers its customers a luxurious and tranquil working environment,...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business centre provides fully equipped offices which are immediately operational. No investment is required from your side (except your PC). Depending on their...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 60 sqm
Only 15 minutes from Fidel Airport or the Central Station, the business centre is located on the 4th floor. The building propose facilities such as: Concierge service,...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 150 sqm
The business center is situated on two separate buildings facing each others, offering different office styles, sizes and all are fully equipped. A dedicated...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 60 sqm
The business center is located on the 4th floor . Offering a professional calm and relax atmosphere.
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 80 sqm
Early 2015, this new business centre opened in a entirely renovated and modernised 1930's building. - furnished offices for 1-8 work stations which can be arranged to...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 200 sqm
At the heart of an elegant area with multiple mansions, a few minutes walk from the station, with all facilities of shops, restaurants; this business center opens you...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 60 sqm
Very attractive and modern building with a set of completely equipped and spacious offices, comfortable and suitable for individual or teams, aesthetically designed in...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business centre has recently had a complete refurbishment and offers beautiful contemporary design. The onsite meeting rooms are available in order to meet clients...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 80 sqm
Only a few steps from the historic centre and the central train station, the Boulevard de la Pétrusse is certainly one of the most prestigious addresses in Luxembourg...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business centre is located at Avenue Gaston Diederich in the center of the Luxembourg. It has only recently opened and is located in a modern building. Both private...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
Looking for assistance to start-up your business in Luxembourg or need any help with the administration of your company? This centre offers office spaces and parking...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
This business centre offers fully furnished offices, in the heart of Luxembourg. This historic building has been refurbished, adding a contemporary feel while...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 30 sqm
Looking for an office space? Looking for assistance to start-up your business in Luxembourg or need any help with the administration of your company? This centre offers...
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